Pathfinder Clubhouse empowers adults to work through mental illness by providing non-clinical mental health services that address barriers to: Employment, Socialization, Education, Self-sufficiency, Housing, Wellness, Transportation, and Financial Stability.

Annual report

Since opening in August of 2020, Pathfinder Clubhouse has grown faster than expected. Here is the impact Pathfinder Clubhouse has made in just a few short months in 2020 since opening in our first year.

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Miguel P.

Without the help of Compass House, I never would have gotten my GED or a job. Now I have moved up because of Compass House, I think I can move into my own place soon. I just needed someone to believe in me. Once I found Compass House, I felt like I wasn't compared to other people and I was seen as an equal. I felt there was hope and a reason to never give up on myself. I started coming to Compass House to study for my GED.

Through Compass House I built a resume and fund a great job with gave me confidence to find the job that I have now which is perfect for my outlook on life and after many hours of studying and support, in the summer of 2017 I walked across the stage to receive my GED.

Without the help of support of Compass House, I don’t know how I could have found my way to living a better life and looking forward to living independently on my own. Without the support of Compass House my life would not be the way it is now which is good, positive, healthy and looking forward to the future

Linda E.

Before becoming a Clubhouse member I felt like I had no purpose in life. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  Since becoming a Clubhouse member I decided I wanted to help others overcome their struggles and barriers.  The clubhouse also has given me my self respect and dignity back. No matter if I am having a mental health crisis or if I am doing fine, the staff has never given up on me nor have they judged me when I’m down to my lowest.

Also since becoming a member I have served on the board of Compass House for over a little of 2 years. I am also a member driver. Clubhouse works if you let it. You gotta want it. I support the Clubhouse and its model. We are all like family. A community rebuilding lives and hope through purposeful opportunities for adults living with mental illness.

Sheila H.

Clubhouse is family and community to me. I have received help in doing my resume, cover letter and to apply for a peer support specialist position with Jackson County Mental Health.

I am successfully employed. I also appreciate being able to work in the different units in the Clubhouse to gain more skills and to get to know other members.